My Life as a Professional

This one is a little more personal.

Although I am still relatively early in my career, I have learned a few things over the years that have not only impacted me professionally but have forced me to grow as a person.

The first thing that I learned is that motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic doesn’t generate itself. One of the things that I have always suffered from personally, is waiting for motivation. This isn’t going to happen.

Motivation comes from momentum.

If you are reaching small goals or completing things that you want to do in your career or personal life, that will bring with it the gift of motivation. That’s not to say that you will always be motivated, but maybe you get rid of the camel on your back and don’t dread waking up in the morning.

The other thing I learned is that time is the most valuable asset you have.

Time is everything. Time is how long it takes to get something done, how much time you put into activities in your life, the time you spend with people, the time you spend sleeping or watching TV.

Time is value, time is fulfillment, what you spend your time on is who you become, so don’t ever forget that it’s cut and dry.

The next thing is purpose.

Purpose comes from responsibility and motivation. What motivates you gives you purpose. If you are motivated to eat breakfast at 7am every day, then that becomes a part of you. You are the person who eats breakfast at 7am every morning, and you are just fine with that.

I’ve struggled with this in my career in Instructional Design. I have made many discoveries about myself as I have tried different things within the field (design, development, project management).

But none have been able to give me a sense of purpose or fulfillment. I ask myself the question, “is it motivation? Fear? A lack of confidence?” I haven’t been able to answer this question yet but I know that the best strategy is to put one foot in front of the other. Grind it out. Keep moving. Rest as needed but don’t let time slip by.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself, don’t question everything you do. Just do. Execution and the process of execution helps you figure out what you want.

So how is this related to Instructional Design? Well, it’s not necessarily. It’s advice on mindset. Stay determined, set goals and follow through…just do you.

Self-doubt and concern with being right or not messing up ensures failure. The only way to succeed is to grow from your failures. The more you do something, the better you get and the better results you get.

Take the leap and don’t worry about right or wrong paths in your career. Be you. Do you. That’s what’s most important. Money is always attainable if you know how to make it but don’t let it guide you. It is a tool, not a philosophy.


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